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Ingredient Spotlight: Ramps

April 15, 2016 ARTICLES

Every year, many people search farmers markets, grocery stores, hip restaurants, and produce stands around their areas for the opportunity to taste one en vogue little vegetable that is only around for a few weeks each year during Springtime. Yes, we are talking about the onion-garlic-scallion-shallot Godzilla of the aromatic world, the Ramp.
What's the big deal? Truthfully, it is unclear. What we at The Sage do know, is that these little guys are super popular likely related to the...

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Surviving the Holidays without Sacrificing Nutrition

November 24, 2015 ARTICLES

It’s that time again... holiday season. The question on everyone’s minds is: how do you maintain your nutritional health during this time of overindulgent eating, parties, and family gatherings with an abundance of delicious food? Here are a few tips on surviving this wonderful time of the year without feeling like a stuffed turkey afterwards: Turkey doesn’t make you tired. Most people think that it’s the turkey that causes the inevitable drowsiness after a holiday meal...

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The Myth of High-Protein Diets

March 23, 2015 ARTICLES

MANY people have been making the case that Americans have grown fat because they eat too much starch and sugar, and not enough meat, fat and eggs. Recently, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee lifted recommendations that consumption of dietary cholesterol should be restricted, citing research that dietary cholesterol does not have a major effect on blood cholesterol levels. The predictable headlines followed: "Back to Eggs and Bacon?" But, alas, bacon and egg yolks are not health foods. Read More

Colon Cancer Month

March 16, 2015 ARTICLES

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Colorectal cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the United States and the second leading cause of death from cancer. Colorectal cancer affects people in all racial and ethnic groups and is most often found in people age 50 and older.The good news? If everyone age 50 and older were screened regularly, 6 out of 10 deaths from colorectal cancer could be prevented. Communities, health professionals, and families can work together to encourage people ...

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The [Potential] Effect of Emulsifiers

March 9, 2015 ARTICLES

People are always trying different methods of achieving a healthy weight. For those who feel extreme pressure to "cook more," or for that matter do not know how to cook at all, this may result in an increased use of processed foods. Frozen diet meals, foods labeled "low fat" or "healthy," and even meals sent straight to your door (i.e. Nutrisystem) become an area of interest. Why not have the best of both worlds - convenience and nutrition? We all know that most processed foods aren’t good for...

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5 Reasons to Eat Frozen Fruits + Vegetables

March 2, 2015 ARTICLES

Pop quiz time. It's 3 p.m. — what's for dinner? Maybe this week you didn't have time to plan your meals, and dining out is calling your name. As much as we’d all love to serve our families from-scratch meals seven days a week, life happens; we are busy, and that isn’t always possible. So what can you do? By utilizing frozen foods, you can make quick, convenient and easy dinners at home.
Here are five reasons you should consider frozen fruits & vegetables: 1. Frozen Fo...

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NY Times Op-Author Gets it All Wrong: "The Government's Bad Diet Advice"

February 23, 2015 ARTICLES

Most people know that The Sage: Nutritious Solutions was developed by a singular dietitian, Mr. Cook-It, in order to help spread truth about nutrition and awareness about ways to live healthier, richer, fuller lives. Nutrition is a confusing topic for a lot of people, as food is the heart of society, love, and comfort. Food elicits strong emotions, connections, and memories. Most people feel that “good nutrition” means forgetting about all of these factors in lieu of being “hea...

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Type 1 Diabetes & The Artificial Pancreas

February 16, 2015 ARTICLES

In those without Type-1 Diabetes, insulin regulates blood sugar by allowing cells in the body to turn the sugar in the blood stream into energy. In those living with this kind of diabetes, the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin and other blood sugar-regulating hormones are destroyed by the immune system, so diabetics produce no insulin on their own. Additional abnormalities are often also present, including abnormal secretion and/or action of glucagon (1), the hormone produced to raise b...

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Ingredient Spotlight: Turmeric

February 9, 2015 ARTICLES

Turmeric has been used for thousands of years and is a common spice in Southeastern Asian cuisine (especially Indian cuisine). During the 13 century, Marco Polo described the spice as very similar to saffron, but "not really saffron". It provides dishes with a brilliant yellow color, as often seen in curries. Turmeric has even found its way into Western foods, and is commonly used as a natural food coloring for butter and mustard, and as part of the pickling process. It is a mild tastin...

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Breakfast Has Benefits!

February 2, 2015 ARTICLES

We all hear how "breakfast is the most important meal of the day," but is it? For started, an adequate breakfast has been linked to the following: • Cognitive performance • Feelings of well-being • Weight management • Greater overall nutrient intake • Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes But, what does adequate mean? Research tends to vary when it comes to defining what a healthy breakfast includes. However, the result of this abundant research has result...

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Oranges vs OJ: Which is Better?

January 27, 2015 ARTICLES

Adapted from: Rachel Arthur, Food Navigator USA The original article, found HERE, discusses the differences in health markers as it relates to consumption of fresh oranges versus juice from oranges. The study found that vitamins A and C levels in orange juice are reduced by 3-18% compared to that in fresh oranges. In addition, fiber and flavonoid (compounds with antioxidant abilities studied to have an anti-inflammatory association) levels were also diminished upon juicing. Despite thi...

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Beating the Winter Blues

January 12, 2015 ARTICLES

Winter is a difficult time for a lot of people - we stay indoors more often, the days grow shorter, and pigeon color skies means less sunny days. This can bring upon what is known as the "winter blues," a general feeling of malaise, lethargy, and even depression. If you are someone who succumbs to these feelings, how do you combat them? Perhaps nutrition can provide some answers. The connection between depression and obesity have been studied extensively. In fact, there is a link between the gu...

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15 Ways to Improve Your Nutrition for 2015

January 5, 2015 ARTICLES

The New Year is upon us and what better time than to reconsider your nutritional goals? Often times, we see people starting "diets," joining gyms, or purchasing weight-loss pills. Of course, the healthier way is to start a new lifestyle, one that welcomes in nutritious food, makes you feel better and gives you the energy you need to sustain overall health and wellness. Here are 15 easy tips to help you do just that: 1. Balance it Out - make sure to include all food groups (protein, starc...

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Squash Season: How to Cook, Roast, and Enjoy Fall/Winter's Favorite Fruit

December 17, 2014 ARTICLES

Here’s everything you need to know (tasty recipes included) about ALL the various types of squashes out there… some you may have never even heard of! Get the Scoop here: Brought to you by: Health Perch

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Because... Diet

December 15, 2014 ARTICLES

There never is really a "time of year" when nutrition is NOT on someone’s mind. Whether you are thinking about your physical appearance, the types of foods you eat, trying to be more physically active, or doing what you "should not be doing," the idea of nutrition is the underlying theme. In response to any of these feelings, we try to implement small changes in our lives. Sometimes, we implement larger changes that do not last. While a series of smaller changes is usually recommended ...

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Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) in Foods

December 8, 2014 ARTICLES

I've seen a meme shared on social media multiple times this week, asserting that our foods contain paint thinners in the form of Trisodium Phosphate (TSP). The image below was shared on a FaceBook page called “Organic Health” with the caption “It's right in our faces… Just mocking us. Can you believe there is paint thinner in cereal?” The meme links to an article over at ‘Natural Cures Not Medicine' (here). The article contains very little scientific materia...

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Eating Disorders + Potential Health Risks

November 24, 2014 ARTICLES

Here at The-Sage, we spend lots of time talking about chronic diseases, recipes, and even educational videos - all with food and nutrition in mind. However, one of the least discussed topics in food and nutrition are eating disorders. In reality, millions of lives are impacted by eating disorders in the United States everyday. Eating disorders are a set of conditions that include: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder. The National Eating Disorders Association estim...

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The Scoop on Protein Powder and Women (Quoted)

November 10, 2014 ARTICLES

Check out this post written by a Temple University Journalist on the benefits and risks of protein powder supplements in women! Before Madeline Hamberger began incorporating adequate amounts of protein into her diet, she weighed a mere 90 lbs. "I always had the assumption that protein would make you gain weight, so I tried to avoid it," Hamberger said. "I was not educated [in terms of nutrition] at all." The 21-year-old Phillipsburg, N.J., resident, now a contestant in bikini fitness co...

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Is Grass-Fed Beef Really Better?

November 5, 2014 ARTICLES

A lot of people believe grass-fed beef is better tasting meat, nutritionally superior, and more environmentally friendly than commercial corn/grain-fed beef. It certainly costs more than your typical commercial beef, but before you shell out the extra dollars - how honest are these said benefits of consuming grass-fed versus grain-fed beef? Whether you are debating between restaurants to satisfy your cheeseburger craving or at the grocery store shopping for meat for taco night - we investigated ...

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Breastfeeding Tips and Tools

October 20, 2014 ARTICLES

Breastfeeding has well-established benefits for both mom and baby; it fosters the development of the infant’s immune system, strengthens the maternal-infant bond, has economic advantages over formula feeding, helps mothers return to their pre-pregnancy weight and might even act as a buffer against type 2 diabetes and obesity for the infant. Furthermore, breast milk provides the perfect balance of carbohydrates, fats, and protein while providing necessary vitamins and minerals that no formula ...

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Why We're Nuts About Nuts!

October 13, 2014 ARTICLES

Nuts are a delicious and nutritious snack as well as an important ingredient to many dishes. Nuts can be roasted, salted, flavored, tossed in salads, baked in breads, mixed in pastas, or otherwise eaten raw! Once pegged as a high fat and calorically dense food group that we should stay away from, nuts are now embraced and considered highly advantageous to our health. Nuts range between about 160 to 200 calories per 1 ounce serving (about a small handful), making the caloric differences pretty ne...

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Packing Healthy School Lunches 101

October 6, 2014 ARTICLES

The school year is now well underway - one big challenge you may be faced with is packing for your child's school lunch. Packing a healthy and nutritious lunch that your child will actually eat and not ditch for vending machine chips or corner store candy can be difficult. Eating a healthy meal at lunch will not only help your kid retain his or her energy for the second half of the school day, but it will also provide them with long term health benefits as well. Here are 6 tips to help you nail...

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Can Like a Pro! (Canning & Preserving Foods)

September 29, 2014 ARTICLES

Canning is a great way to preserve delicious fruits and veggies that are ripe during the summer months and allow us to enjoy our favorite produce year round. There are two basic methods for canning; water bath canning and pressure canning. Depending on what foods you are canning will determine the method you choose. Foods with high acid content such as citrus fruits, pickles, salsas, jams, and jellies (just to name a few), use the water bath method. Foods like vegetables and animal products, tha...

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Calorie Restriction = Longer + Healthier Life?

September 1, 2014 ARTICLES

As early as the 16th century, humans have been fascinated with the idea of "the fountain of youth." Since then, people have made great attempts at lengthening their life span, all the while hoping to maintain optimal health as long as they can. Recent studies have suggested calorie restriction (CR) as a possible way to delay or prevent the onset of many aging-related conditions with increased longevity and health span. CR is defined as a 10-40% reduction in intake of a nutrient-rich diet....

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Eye Health + Nutrition

August 25, 2014 ARTICLES

Your mother may have told you to eat your carrots to keep your eyes healthy and strong. This may actually not be that far from the truth - the vitamin A found in carrots is a crucial nutrient to optimize eye health. Your eyes need more than just carrots to stay healthy, though. There are several key nutrients involved in maintaining good eye function that can be easily obtained through a balanced diet. Research has shown that in addition to vitamin A, other carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxant...

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Ingredient Spotlight: Cilantro

August 18, 2014 ARTICLES

Cilantro is a versatile (yet controversial) herb with roots stemming back to medieval times and popular in many Mediterranean and Asian dishes. The plant, known as Coriandum sativum, produces the herb known as cilantro as well as seeds known as coriander. Cilantro is native to regions spanning from southern Europe and North Africa to southwestern Asia, influencing cuisines such as South/Southeast Asian, Indian, Portuguese, Russian, Middle Eastern, Spanish, Latin American, Tex-Mex, Chinese...

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Peptic Ulcers: Myths + Nutrition Tips

August 11, 2014 ARTICLES

Peptic ulcers are open sores that occur in the stomach or duodenum (the first section of the small intestines) of the gastrointestinal tract when the stomach lining has been compromised by strong stomach acids. The lining protects your GI tract from the acidic environment needed to digest food, however if the lining becomes damaged, you are at risk for developing an ulcer. Some common misconceptions that people believe cause peptic ulcers include consuming too many spicy foods and stress. Stomac...

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Nightshade Vegetables + Inflammation

August 4, 2014 ARTICLES

There is a lot of speculation out in the media, the internet, and in word-of-mouth conversation about nightshade vegetables and how they can contribute or worsen inflammatory conditions such as inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), arthritis, and even osteoporosis. But what are nightshade vegetables? They are vegetables that fall under the Solanum group of vegetables believed to contain "dangerous alkaloids." These vegetables have been cultivated for consump...

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"Clean Eating"... What is it?

July 28, 2014 ARTICLES

"Clean Eating" is trending among the more health conscious population along with individuals who wish to be more health minded. "Clean Eating" has become a hot nutrition topic as more people flock to attempt various diet challenges that typically look like "Clean Eating for X Number of Days." But what exactly does "Clean" eating even mean? What are the benefits and risks of following this dietary regimen - and are these claims substantiated in any way? The basis of clean eating i...

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Diet Soda: Does it Help or Hinder Weight Loss?

July 21, 2014 ARTICLES

Aspartame, sucralose, and saccharine - all words that might sound scary or confusing to you. This might be because of the controversial and health-conscious debates that have surrounded artificial sweeteners, otherwise known as non-nutritive sweeteners, over the years. Name brands you may be more familiar with include Equal, Splenda, and Sweet’N Low (the blue, yellow, and pink packets, respectively). The most recently explored question in research and in the media regardin...

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Nutrition + Crohn's Disease

July 14, 2014 ARTICLES

Crohn's disease (CD) is a condition that falls under Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, alongside ulcerative colitis (UC). CD results in an abnormal immune response that attacks tissue within the GI and leads to inflammation in the intestines, usually around the end of the small intestine (called the Ileum) and the colon. This inflammation can damage the lining of the intestine and lead to a number of symptoms, such as abdominal pain, diarrhea and tenesmus (the urge to go #2 without the actual...

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Maintaining an Electrolyte Balance

July 7, 2014 ARTICLES

Staying hydrated, especially during the hot and humid summer months, is imperative. Exercising for longer than 45 minutes or doing physically demanding work outdoors for extended periods of time may also require fluids with additional electrolytes - however most individuals can maintain an electrolyte balance simply by drinking enough water and eating a balanced diet (1,2). Before reaching for expensive sports drinks and electrolyte-enhanced waters it is important to analyze your personal hydrat...

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Nutrition + Acid Reflux (GERD)

June 30, 2014 ARTICLES

Have you ever eaten a particularly greasy or spicy meal and experienced a burning sensation from your stomach back up to the throat? Did it feel predominantly in your chest? You may be more familiar with the term heartburn, however, this is clinically referred to as gastroesophageal reflux or simply GER. GER may affect us more as we age but is something that all age groups may suffer from, including infants and children. GER may be the norm for some people, simply a process of agin...

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Food Label Flackery

June 23, 2014 ARTICLES

Choosing more nutritious options in your grocery store can be made confusing by advertising and food labels. Not only are there approximately 50,000 different food items that line the shelves of super markets, but a lot of them are labeled with ambiguous words that may make them seem like "healthy choices." Food companies are actually required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to follow specific guidelines in order to label food products with words like fat free, low calorie, low sodium ...

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Oral Health + Nutrition

June 16, 2014 ARTICLES

Tooth decay is among the top chronic diseases affecting humans worldwide. Good nutrition and eating habits, routine visits to the dentist, and good oral hygiene practices are essential in the maintenance of oral health (1). Dental health is a vital component of nutrition because our digestive systems begin with our mouths and teeth. There are several nutrients that are beneficial to oral health and there are also some typical beverages and foods that we should enjoy minimally due to their negati...

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Ingredient Spotlight: Italian Cheeses

June 9, 2014 ARTICLES

Cheese is a food that is a part of many cultures. In America, we not only value the cheeses that have been produced since our country's inception, but our palates welcome cheese from all around the world. In this Ingredient Spotlight, we are going to talk about one country's cheeses that we find most recognizable: Italy. Pecorino is simply a jumping point from which a series of other cheeses are produced. Pecorino fresco (pecorino Toscano fresco) is a fresh sheep’s milk cheese ...

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Optimizing Skin Health through Nutrition

June 2, 2014 ARTICLES

Skin is something very difficult to hide from the world, and while our initial reasoning for maintaining skin health might be due to vanity - skin is our largest organ that protects our internal body from the external environment. Aside from being one of the most influential factors in our perceived sense of beauty, skin is important for regulating body temperature, wound healing, immune response, and even blood pressure control. Nutrition is a critical component in maintaining skin health. The ...

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Garcinia Cambogia: Fab or Fad?

May 30, 2014 ARTICLES

If a new supplement out on the market sounds too good to be true, it usually is…right? Garcinia Cambogia Extract (GCE) is a pill that promises dramatic weight loss and has been receiving a lot of buzz from television doctors and famous celebrities in the media and on the web. GCE is advertised as a 100% natural and pure product that contains a key weight loss ingredient called Hydroxycitric acid (HCA.) HCA is extracted from Garcinia Cambogia, which is a "pumpkin shaped fruit that gro...

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Red Wine + Health

May 19, 2014 ARTICLES

Search “Red Wine” and you will get millions of hits on it's potential health benefits. This is because it is as popularly associated with health and wellness as dark chocolate and coffee, regardless of the facts. In spite of the potential health benefits, frequent consumption is still not advised. Red wine has in fact shown to benefit heart health but only in moderation. Red wine has also been a hot topic in possibly decreasing risk for cancer, minimizing neurological ...

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Cystic Fibrosis + Oral Health

May 12, 2014 ARTICLES

May is Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Awareness Month and as you may or may not know CF has many health concerns for those diagnosed with the disease. Oral health is often pushed to the way side for most of us, let alone for individuals dealing with the management of CF, who can have multiple lung treatments everyday. However, dental health is an extremely important component of nutrition, as the digestive system begins with our mouths and teeth. Some concerns for dental health and cystic fibrosis ...

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Cystic Fibrosis + Nutrition

May 5, 2014 ARTICLES

Pictured: Mandy Wagner, CF Survivor 1985-2012 For many people, Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a condition they have never heard of. However, CF is the most commonly inherited disease in the United States, affecting over 30,000 people. In the U.S., 1 in every 3,700 people will be diagnosed with CF each year. On the plus side, early detection and treatment means that the median age has increased dramatically over the past decade alone. So what is CF? CF is a lifelong disease caused by a d...

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RE: Gastric Bypass Surgeries

April 28, 2014 ARTICLES

Obesity is an ever-growing epidemic in the United States (affecting over 50% of the population) that is also responsible for increased rates of type- II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and other health risks. Healthcare has focused its energy on "fixing obesity" through the help of bariatric specialists, who perform specific surgeries to kickstart rapid weight loss. The three most common gastric bypass surgeries include, Roux-en-Y, Laprascopic Sleeve Gastrectomy, and the adjusta...

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Ingredient Spotlight: Quinoa

April 21, 2014 ARTICLES

Quinoa has made a huge hit on the food market recently, and rightfully so. Prices have increased to the point the farmers who grow it can’t even afford it. So, what is the deal with this unique-looking food? Some people compare it to rice, other couscous, and some have no idea what it is. In today’s Ingredient Spotlight, we are going to uncover some truths about this delicious grain! Quinoa is a grain in the same family as both buckwheat and the tumbleweed, where the seeds are ...

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RE: Nutritional Supplements for Active Individuals

April 15, 2014 ARTICLES

Warmer weather is quickly approaching - the thought of beach trips, concerts, and outdoor adventures are here and everyone wants to get back into "summer shape." As the temperatures outside increase, the layers of clothing we wear come off and perhaps reveal winter weight we hadn’t intended on gaining. Unfortunately, not everyone getting back into the groove is using safe precautions or listening to sound advice. Several supplements are out on the market that that claim fast weight loss...

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Can You Control Your Seasonal Allergies with Nutrition?

April 7, 2014 ARTICLES

A simple Google Search can prove just about anything. Add a little bit of media sensation, word of mouth, or common belief and you can just about make anything seem the truth. But when something comes you way that could seem believable, what do you believe? There are a lot of articles on the internet that boast "nutrition therapy" for seasonal allergies. Can this be? As seasonal allergy sufferers know, there is little relief, even from the array of allergy and sinus medications (over the...

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Sleep: An Ingredient for a Healthy Life

March 31, 2014 ARTICLES

Most people know to get ‘enough sleep.’ Busy lifestyles, erratic work schedules, or even new children (and puppies) can keep someone from getting the sleep they need. Current research now shows a connection between good (nutritious) health and sleep. So the question is… do you get enough? ‘Enough’ can be described in different ways, but usually describes anything more than 6 hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation may also not be intentional; it could be related to Obstructive ...

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[Dark] Chocolate: Friend… or Foe?

March 24, 2014 ARTICLES

Chocolate has been around a very long time. And let’s face it, it is delicious. The cocoa bean has been used to process all sorts of tasty treats for hundreds of years. Usually, though, we feel bad about indulging in tasty treats. Chocolate has been generally accepted as a food that is not only appealing to the palate, but also the body. But why? There is a lot of media hype about the health benefits of chocolate, and people don’t really want to look into it because FINALLY "something...

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Some Advice for National Nutrition Month®!

March 17, 2014 ARTICLES

March is National Nutrition Month® and is a great time of the year to explore more ways about improving dietary lifestyle choices, incorporating physical activity into your life, and having a better relationship with food. Whatever you decide, do it for YOU. Selflessness has been boasted since childhood- when it comes to food and lifestyle choices, however, your health is your wealth. Only when you are at your best can you provide your best to your family, friends, and loved ones. Here a...

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The Mediterranean Diet: Ins-and-Outs

March 10, 2014 ARTICLES

There is a relative grandiose idea of what the "Mediterranean Diet" is, especially in the media. Every once in a while, morning news or television doctor shows boast the benefits of what seems to be the very elusive and elite "diet" originated from the Mediterranean. The fact is, the Mediterranean Diet is not actually a diet. People living in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea (such as Spain, Italy, Greece, South France, etc.) do not live by the term "diet." Yet there is r...

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RE: Krill Oil… Full of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, or Just Full of It?

March 3, 2014 ARTICLES

Omega 3 fatty acids are well-known to help reduce LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels, reduce triglyceride levels (fats from intake of carbohydrates), increase HDL ("good") cholesterol levels, and generally be beneficial to help reduce risk of cardiovascular disease. To learn more about the relationship between heart health and nutrition, check out this link: To learn more about the role of saturated fats in health, check out this link: ...

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RE: Intermittent Fasting Dieting

February 24, 2014 ARTICLES

Throughout history, a number of cultures have undertaken periods of fasting, for both religious and non-religious reasons. While the reasons for fasting in the past have often been associated with the virtues of temporarily depriving oneself, scientists have recently taken an interest in the potential medical benefits to fasting. Not surprisingly, this has led to a number of claims far and wide about the benefits of fasting diets for weight loss and improving metabolic health. What’s the deal...

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MythBusting Gluten Free Diets

February 19, 2014 ARTICLES

There's been an influx of wheat-related books and gluten-free movements that have swept the health/nutrition communities lately. With books like Wheat Belly, Grain Brain and a slew of Paleo books, it seems like wheat is on the chopping block from several avenues. So what claims are made about wheat? Are they substantiated? 1. Modern Wheat is the Problem - It's true that wheat is a relatively new plant. But it also has an extremely flexible genome AKA you can put it in many different e...

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RE: Going Gluten Free

February 17, 2014 ARTICLES

Gluten-free diets are all the rage now, with celebrities like Al Roker, Jenny Garth, & Miley Cyrus swearing by them for improved health and weight loss. So does wheat live up to its claims? Will avoiding wheat help me lose weight? There’s actually very little evidence to show that cutting out wheat, alone, will lead to weight loss. There are no good studies in nutrition showing that sticking to just a gluten free diet leads to weight loss. Studies of the Paleolithic die...

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RE: Health and Gut Bacteria

February 10, 2014 ARTICLES

You hear about yogurt with bacteria, the benefits of “healthy bacteria,” and even supplements with strands of bacteria to benefit gut health. But what's the story behind incorporating bacteria into your health and wellness plan? The first thing to keep in mind is that the body contains over 4 pounds of 100 trillion microbes with over 500 different species, roughly 100 times that of actual human cells. That is a lot! Through the course of human evolution, we have formed a relationsh...

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Keeping a Well-Stocked Pantry

February 3, 2014 ARTICLES

Can you imagine if you had to purchase every spice and herb and tablespoon of ingredient in each and every recipe you make every time you make it? The task of shopping just to make one meal could feel a bit overwhelming, much less trying to plan a week’s worth of meals. A well-stocked pantry can be of great use to any home cook. With the right tools at your disposal, you can create most dishes with ease, which also means less trips to the grocery store! It also saves you money by allowing you ...

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RE: Calorie Restriction & Aging

January 27, 2014 ARTICLES

Figure from: Colman RJ, Anderson RM, Johnson SC, et al. Calorie Restriction Delays Disease Onset and Mortality in Rhesus Monkeys. Science. 2009;325:201-204. Calorie restriction has been an increasingly discussed topic of conversation in the nutrition world, especially as it related to the aging demographic. As we age, our bodily mechanisms, including metabolism of nutrients, begin to dwindle. Aging adults face greater risk of chronic disease, such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, and ...

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The Truth Behind Saturated Fats

January 22, 2014 ARTICLES

One of the most contentious issues in the field of nutrition is saturated fat. For the past few decades, the recommendations based on nutritional science have been to reduce saturated fat consumption, in order to reduce the risk of heart disease (CVD). Because saturated fat raises LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, it's been pretty much assumed that reducing one's consumption of it will reduce the risk of CVD. But there is actually very little data that can link saturated fat to CVD and its o...

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14 Nutrition Tips for 2014!

January 13, 2014 ARTICLES

Here at The Sage: Nutritious Solutions, we understand that with a new year, people may want to start a healthy eating plan. Although any time of the year is a great time to start treating yourself right, we encourage any attempt to building a better lifestyle and a healthier YOU! The process may seem daunting, difficult, and sometimes restrictive. However, it doesn't have to be any of these things! So, here are 14 great tips we came up with for 2014 to help you along the way! 1. Eat ...

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RE: Eating During Pregnancy & Childhood Obesity

December 9, 2013 ARTICLES

Many will blame the holiday season for burgeoning bulges of the midsection - but for some women, overindulgence at the table may not be at fault: pregnancy rates seem to rise during the winter months. Several theories exist to explain this phenomenon - some credit the abundance of snuggling on chilly nights and warm, fuzzy holiday feelings while research indicates that sperm quality improves in colder weather. Whatever the reason, pregnancy is a critical period for healthy eating and, as with Ch...

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December 5, 2013 ARTICLES

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 5, 2013 The Slice Plan: An Integrative Approach to a Healthy Lifestyle and a Better You There is an adage everyone hears as a child: "It’s as simple as a slice of bread." This saying is the basis of The Slice Plan: An Integrative Approach to a Healthy Lifestyle and a Better You. If you’ve ever wondered why it is so easy to start a popular or "fad" diet and just as easy to fall of it, it’s because they are just that, a fad. When you start a ...

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Family Meals = Healthier Weight?

December 2, 2013 ARTICLES

‘Tis the Holiday Season! Our modern schedules are so crazy, it's hard enough to find the time to grab a bite, let alone prepare a meal and sit down with family and/or friends to eat. However, there could be some benefit to taking the time to eat together, research shows. An interesting study came out in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics this year that looked at the physical and social characteristics of family meals and their associations with healthy eating hab...

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A Letter to Diabetes, from a Type 1 Diabetic

November 25, 2013 ARTICLES

Dear Diabetes: We have known each other for more than 22 years now, longer and more intimately than I have known anyone other than my closest family. We've seen each other at our best and at our worst and still I can't help hating you. You have given me a lot, but never a break. I have learned a lot from you, it's true. You've taught me discipline and the importance of routine. You've shown me the joy that comes from restraint and followed by moments of indulgence. Nothing tastes better t...

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Common Nutrition Trends - DEBUNKED!

November 18, 2013 ARTICLES

With nutrition topics constantly hitting the mainstream, and everyone having varied opinions on the subject, the science can seem to be confusing. There is a lot of skewed information put out there and some that is just plain wrong. The blog world online creates nutrition “facts” more frequently and seemingly faster than the scientific literature. Taking control of your health is one thing, but at the end of the day, nutrition needs to be scientific. In this article, we address that ...

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RE: Current Aspartame Research Update

November 11, 2013 ARTICLES

The debate continues to rage on between Artificial Sweeteners. A recent review in Food and Chemical Toxicology came out this October, and discussed the regulatory and safety issues surrounding artificial sweeteners, particularly aspartame. It's easy to get all worked up about aspartame when you think of it as an ‘artificial' sweetener. But what is the distinction between artificial and natural? A lot of the time natural products go through just as much processing as artific...

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Fall in Love with Oatmeal!

November 4, 2013 ARTICLES

The autumn months are upon us, accompanied by the appropriate weather and seasonal cues for fresh apple cider, sweaters, pumpkin spice everything, and - if you’re like most people - jump-starting your day with a hot bowl of oatmeal. Right now is the perfect time to share some easy and healthy ways to enjoy oatmeal! In its basic form, oatmeal is a simple, versatile, inexpensive, and health-promoting food. Although you can find literally hundreds of ways to eat oatmeal, oatmeal recipes out ther...

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Health(ier) Halloween Candy Choices!

October 28, 2013 ARTICLES

Halloween is only but days away, and what better way to pack in extra calories, sugar, and fat. On the other hand, no one likes the house that hands out pretzels or raisins. Toys and money are always calorie-free treats, but that can get costly. Growing up, I purposefully dodged certain houses knowing what they would give and visited some houses several times that evening for the same reason. Remember 4 grams of sugar is equivalent to an entire teaspoon! To prevent your house from bei...

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Cooking Dry Beans

October 19, 2013 ARTICLES

The benefits to cooking using dry beans over canned ones is substantial. Not only are there additional nutrients and fiber within dried beans that are cooked out during the canning process, but there is also additional flavors. Beans that are dry are able to absorb the moisture from the dish of which you are using them, whereas canned beans have already absorbed most of the liquid in which they were processed. Grabbing a bag of dry beans can be daunting, so here is an easy method of getting them...

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Concerned/Confused about Arsenic in Your Food?

October 14, 2013 ARTICLES

If recent news about arsenic in food is giving you a sense of déjà vu, you’re probably not alone. Around this time last year, Consumer Reports and a few other organizations raised concerns over levels of arsenic in fruit juice and rice. After a nearly year-long investigation, the FDA released some conclusions in early September reaffirming that the FDA considers there to be no short-term health risk related to arsenic in rice. Despite the FDA’s findings, the controversy cont...

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RE: Heart Health & Nutrition

October 8, 2013 ARTICLES

A lot of talk regarding nutrition and heart health focuses on fats, usually of the saturated variety. However, recent studies have found less of connection between Saturated Fat and CVD (cardio-vascular disease) outcomes (heart attacks, strokes,etc). While it's still a good idea to not consume a ton of saturated fat, more focus needs to be placed on the types of saturated fatty acids (think coconut/dark chocolate vs animal fats) and the other areas of nutrition that play a role in cardiovascular...

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Mushroom Season!

October 1, 2013 ARTICLES

Mushrooms aren’t really characteristic of having a specific growing season since it occurs year round and vary by type, but I am always prompted into my own "mushroom season" in the fall and winter months. With over 2,000 varieties, the uses in cooking applications are countless. Not only do mushrooms impart the umami flavor (the sense of meatiness in the mouth also known as ‘the fifth taste’), but they also are rich in nutrition. They provide a meaty texture that can enhance the flavor of...

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RE: Articles on Fruit and Vegetable Intake

September 23, 2013 ARTICLES

Shown here is a graph indicating the highest nutrient content of the various food groups. Note that fruits, vegetables, beans, and legumes have the highest nutrient content. "Fruits and Vegetables," "Fruits and Vegetables," that is what you hear every person who knows anything about nutrition spouting on and on about. It seems so monotonous, right? It almost seems that the message is broadcast so much to the public that it seems to even dilute itself. But the message couldn't be any truer...

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Mr. Cook It's Top Recipe Substitutions!

September 17, 2013 ARTICLES

Cooking is not an exact science - and sometimes baking is not that specific in measurement or ingredient. When the time comes, knowing an accurate substitution is key. Below is a list of great substitutions when cooking or baking! 1. Eggs → Applesauce (great for baking) 2. Mayo → Avocado (for sandwiches) 3. Chicken Stock → Carrot Juice + Tomato Juice + Water OR low sodium Vegetable Stock 4. Butter → Olive Oil 5. Eggs → Yogurt (when coating an item for deep frying) 6. Sour Cream...

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Moderation is Key?

September 9, 2013 ARTICLES

This is the mantra of the field of nutrition. It states that no one food is bad for you if you consume it in moderation. “Everything in moderation” is a bit confusing - and I imagine to the average person. Should you consume everything in the same moderation? I hope not - how moderately you consume vegetables and how moderately you consume Crisco should hopefully be extremely different levels of moderation. Added sugars are fine to consume in moderation - does that mean you dr...

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Going Paleo? Some Things to Consider...

August 30, 2013 ARTICLES

As we know, the popularity of the Paleo Diet has blown up over the past few years. I'd like to suggest a name change for this diet to “Unprocessed + Grain Free," because that is what it really is. If you want a diet dictated by what our ancestors ate, this one's not for you. And honestly, I don't think you'd want to be in the food environment that our Paleo ancestors were. There seems to be this image of buff cavemen killing mammoths that takes over our mindset when we think of human ances...

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RE: Recent Article on Vegetarianism

August 23, 2013 ARTICLES

Individuals choose to go vegetarian for a multitude of reasons: animal welfare, sustainability, and/or the perception that vegetarianism is inherently healthier. This latter point has been a point of contention amongst scientists and clinicians. Vegetarian diets tend to be lower in overall calories and higher in fiber, some micronutrients and phytochemicals. Recent studies have associated vegetarianism with a healthier Body Mass Index (BMI), decreased risk of heart disease and about a reduced ...

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The Healthy Way To Go Vegetarian/Vegan!

August 20, 2013 ARTICLES

Kevin here, Nutritionist/Assistant Site Manager of The-Sage.Org! Are you considering going Vegetarian/Vegan? Here's a few tips to keep in mind to make sure you go about it the healthy way: 1. Calories! - For most people in America, getting enough calories is not a problem. The initial switch to vegetarianism, however, can lead to cutting out previous huge sources of calories and increasing the amount of fiber drastically in the diet, leading to a fuller feeling. Avoid that super s...

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RE: Recent Article on Artificial Sweeteners

July 15, 2013 ARTICLES

I am not normally one to relay about a topic that has not been researched well enough, but this topic has been so widely discussed that some additional information needs shed on the subject. There was a recent article in Cell (a journal) about artificial sweeteners and their correlation to negative health effects: namely, type 2 diabetes and obesity, amongst other related conditions. The paper was written by one person in the “Opinion” section of the paper. This does not set w...

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RE: Recent Article Against Low-Sodium Dining

July 8, 2013 ARTICLES

A recent study from Science (a journal) suggests that we may have the “internal mechanism” to avoid too much salt, so we may not need to avoid it ourselves.Um, WHAT? I saw the article talking about the study from Medical Daily, and it was even considered a suggested read from Johns Hopkins University. Sounds legit, right? The article from Medical Daily can be found here: The article claims that there is “likely” a similar mechanism that ...

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Is Soy Milk good for you? Almond Milk?

June 21, 2013 ARTICLES

Thanks for asking - this topic has been emerging quite a bit in the field of nutrition, especially as the term “GMO” becomes more mainstream. Let's talk quickly about the reasons people think soy milk is bad for them. It has GMOs. It contains strands of estrogen material that can cause breast cancer. It can also make men grow breasts. I have heard these two reasons the most from people, so let's address them. 1) The term “GMO” stands for genetically modified organ...

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In Italy!

May 28, 2013 ARTICLES

Be Back Soon with a NEW! In the meantime: Ask a Question, check out a Recipe, watch a Vlog!

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Starting a Garden? Here's some Tips!

April 2, 2013 ARTICLES

Tip#1: Plan in advance
 Plan your garden today to ensure summer success. Decide what you’d like to grow. How much space can you devote to the project? How much time are you willing to spend? Answering these questions will help you to determine your priorities. Assess your exposure. If you are planting vegetables, keep in mind that most need at least eight hours of full sun every day. Study what sort of light your yard gets during the day, particularly noting the sunny and shady areas...

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March 29, 2013 ARTICLES

Wherever you may be, you can now get nutrition counseling services from Mr. Cook-It himself! Areas of interest include: - Healthy Cooking and Recipes - Grocery Store Skype Tours - Heart Healthy Nutrition - Diabetes and Insulin Therapy Education - Nutrition Counseling for Vegetarians - Nutrition Therapy for Celiac Disease, Cancer, Kidney Disease, and other medical conditions - Obesity & Nutrition, including Bariatric Surgery - Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation - Cooking “With ...

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Motivation is Key to Exercise!

March 28, 2013 ARTICLES

Exercise doesn't have to be like this! Motivation is key! If you need the EXTRA PUSH, consider: 1. Think of it as “you time.” 2. Remember how you feel after (AMAZING) 3. Do something fun. If you enjoy it, you'll want to keep doing it. If you HATE the gym, then it's not meant for you. Do something else! (yoga, zumba, swimming, hiking, etc) 4. ADRENALINE. That rush makes you feel awesome (see #2) 5. Get a buddy. This person should help you keep moving! 6. Set realisti...

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