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Composting for the Urban Dweller

April 22, 2016 ARTICLES

The benefits of recycling are numerous; it really is no wonder that many places now require that residents use those special bins for their plastic, paper, and aluminum products. But what about food products? Did you know that yard trimmings and food scraps make up a littler over a quarter of total U.S. waste? Yes, even those organic apple cores that went into the garbage can produce environmentally harmful methane gas. So you live in an urban environment where the only outdoor space is your fi...

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Diabetes and The Brain

April 19, 2016 ARTICLES

As of 2014, approximately 9.3% of the population (29.1 million people) have either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes in the United States (1). With the growing epidemic of diabetes and the increase in the number of people that live to old age, it is essential to determine the long-term effects of how diabetes impacts physiological structure and function. It has long been understood that diabetes can cause damage to the eyes, kidneys, and heart. Less often talked about is the effect of diabetes on t...

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Ingredient Spotlight: Ramps

April 15, 2016 ARTICLES

Every year, many people search farmers markets, grocery stores, hip restaurants, and produce stands around their areas for the opportunity to taste one en vogue little vegetable that is only around for a few weeks each year during Springtime. Yes, we are talking about the onion-garlic-scallion-shallot Godzilla of the aromatic world, the Ramp.
What's the big deal? Truthfully, it is unclear. What we at The Sage do know, is that these little guys are super popular likely related to the...

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Holiday Meats: which is best?

December 23, 2013 ARTICLES

Holiday Proteins The holidays are a time of year to enjoy the bounty of the season. Specifically, the over abundance of food found at most holiday tables. Meat tends to be the centerpiece of most tables (with the exception of vegetarians and vegans), but which holiday protein is best? Here at The-Sage, we have broken down the 5 most popular meats with nutrition information and popular cooking techniques! Turkey Breast (3 oz. serving) Turkey breast is a terrific lean protein for...

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