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The Slice Plan

October 3, 2013
About the Book

There is an old adage I learned as a child: "It’s as simple as a slice of bread." This saying is the basis of this plan. Because let’s face it - Diets are hard.

If you ever wondered why it is so easy to start any other popular or "fad" diet and JUST as easy to come off, it’s because they are just that, a fad. Like any pop group boy band from the late 90’s, these things come and go. But your health is forever.

So what do you do? When you start a "diet," motivation is high, dedication is high, and excitement is built by the anticipation of results. After a few weeks, the excitement becomes anxiety, the motivation begins to wear, and dedication starts to deteriorate. The concept of this book is to relieve you of all of these mixed emotions and provide a simple solution to one of the biggest issues - staying or getting healthy. In this book, I explore personalized ways YOU can have a positive lifelong relationship with the foods you love while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is not a "diet," but a plan - a plan to eat healthy, get healthy, and stay healthy.



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