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Should I take CoQ10 supplements?

May 24, 2012
The short answer to this is: most likely not. The reason industry is marketing this product is because of its use in the basic functioning of cells and ability to deliver energy from folate and niacin (some of the vitamins you need) to form usable energy called ATP. However, your body uses and recycles CoQ10 automatically, so taking a supplement is unnecessary.

Claims will include faster mobilization of fats and sugars into energy, as well as preventing cell damage. So, these claims are somewhat true, because that is what CoQ10 does do; however, the entire process to form the usable energy would need to happen faster, and that relies on a lot more than just more CoQ10. We also do not know the side effects if this system happened faster in the body. Basically, only if you are low in CoQ10 would this supplement be beneficial for you.

How do you know if you are low? Risk groups include those with Parkinson’s disease, HIV/AIDS, cancer, diabetes, and use of some prescription medications (in this case you would need to consult a physician). Any usage beyond these groups is controversial and should be avoided.

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