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Question: is frozen yogurt a bad meal?

May 25, 2012

Answer: While yogurt itself has probiotics which has been seen to benefit gut function, frozen yogurt is basically ice cream. Yogurt in its standard form (think Chobani or Dannon brands) is a dairy product using milk (skim, 2%, or whole) that is cultured using “healthy” bacteria, usually acidophilus and bifidus, just to name a few. The sweetness can range amongst the variety of products, but can be as low as 7g per serving and as high as 23g or even more. When choosing yogurt, though the current trend is toward Greek-style yogurt (where the water is drained out leaving a thicker, richer, more protein rich yogurt), I recommend any yogurt that doesn't have candy, has natural fruit, and is low in sugar (under 10g per serving) while higher in protein (over 10g per serving). When frozen yogurt is manufactured, though it DOES contain bacteria cultures, it is NOT cultured dairy. It usually is a combination of milk solids, milk fat, sweetener, and yogurt-style cultures. Because frozen yogurt is not literally yogurt that is frozen, I categorize it as a healthy dessert alternative to ice cream. For a “good” meal - yogurt, fresh fruit, and some whole grain crackers are good choices. Hope this helps!

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