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Question: I want to do a detox. Any suggestions?

July 8, 2012

I must say, “detoxes” dont REALLY exist biologically. There are, however, a lot of people and “research” that support it, but it's mostly all bologna. The reason for this is- your body detoxes itself throughout the day. The liver is the organ that does that; the kidneys provide a secondary mechanism for filtration.

Any “weight” lost will therefore not be fat, it will either be water or lean muscle mass, both of which you need. As you may already know, it's hard to lose fat, and no cleanse is going to do that for you. Will eating raw veggies for a day followed by this or that hurt you? Not really, but the reason these work is due to their fiber content. If you feel bloated (in general), it most likely means you are consuming foods that release gases when they interract with the colonic bacteria in your system. Coffee is known to attribute to bloat also due to the caffeine level.

A good regiment of water, whole fruits and veggies, and whole grains (avoiding fatty meats aka anything not chicken breast and certain fish) is the key. If you start uploading your body with fiber right away, you will feel worse and actually bloat more because fiber holds onto the water in your body… you need to start fiber gradually - probably 10g per day with a max goal of about 28-30g. Don't read too much into the ‘grams of whole grains' because that's different than 'grams of fiber' and Big Food's way of making their foods seem higher in fiber.

Overall, any recommendations that seem weird or beyond what you should normally eat on a daily basis are going to ultimately cause more harm than good. It doesn't make sense to change your entire diet just for a few days in order to “cleanse” your system. The best way to keep regular bowel movements, healthy urination (I can explain this in detail if required), and increased energy/stamina is to begin changing the way you think about the foods you eat and how you want to eat, then make it happen. Otherwise, you may teach yourself an incorrect way of thinking about your health and handling common issues - listen to your body as you change your diet… it will not lie.

Hope this helps. Happy eating!

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