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Oranges vs OJ: Which is Better?

January 27, 2015

Adapted from: Rachel Arthur, Food Navigator USA

The original article, found HERE, discusses the differences in health markers as it relates to consumption of fresh oranges versus juice from oranges.

The study found that vitamins A and C levels in orange juice are reduced by 3-18% compared to that in fresh oranges. In addition, fiber and flavonoid (compounds with antioxidant abilities studied to have an anti-inflammatory association) levels were also diminished upon juicing. Despite this, vitamin A and flavonoid bioavailability (the amount of which the body can absorb) is increased when juicing. This is likely due to the lack of solubility from reduced fiber content.

This finding may be insignificant because solubility plays a factor in absorption despite juicing having higher “bioavailability”. This study doesn't conclude on whether or not fresh oranges vs. orange juice are better in terms of health markers; however, we at The-Sage: Nutritious Solutions believe the best way to consume fresh fruits and vegetables are in their natural form. Though there are obvious exceptions to this rule, it appears that additional fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin C content support the cause for consumption of oranges in the fresh state. Additionally, due to the reduced fiber content, sugar from juice is more quickly absorbed than that in fresh oranges, which could further worsen blood sugar levels in those who are diagnosed or at risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Keep these facts in mind when making your selection, and do what is best for you and yours!

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