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June 13, 2013
Wherever you may be, you can now get nutrition counseling services from Mr. Cook-It himself!

Areas of interest include:

- Healthy Cooking and Recipes

- Grocery Store Skype Tours

- Heart Healthy Nutrition

- Diabetes and Insulin Therapy Education

- Nutrition Counseling for Vegetarians

- Nutrition Therapy for Celiac Disease, Cancer, Kidney Disease, and other medical conditions

- Obesity & Nutrition, including Bariatric Surgery

- Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation

- Cooking "With What You Got" (from your kitchen cabinets)

- and many more!

NOW Accepting Insurance through Drexel Medicine. Check with your insurance company for more information on nutrition counseling servings! To make an appointment, call 215-762-5037.

To Setup a private Nutrition Consultation:

Call: (484) 361-4535


Initial Rate: $100.00 per 1 hour session.

Follow-Up Rate: $50 per session.

Regular appointments vary on an individual basis. Commitment is Required!

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