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Meet Kevin Klatt, Nutritionist + Assistant Site Manager

March 8, 2012

Kevin Klatt is a PhD student in Molecular Nutrition at Cornell University.

Kevin's research focuses on the intersection of 1-Carbon nutrients and lipid metabolism within the context of maternal-child nutrition and reproductive biology. His research use animal and cell culture models combined with molecular and biochemical methods to examine nutrient needs during pregnancy and the mechanisms by which nutrients alter maternal/infant physiology. Kevin plans to complete a dietetic internship towards the end of his PhD and continue on for post doctoral training. His current aspirations include research in the field of nutrigenomics and maternal nutrition. He has a passion for educating the public, RDs, and other healthcare professionals about nutrition and enjoys interpreting new research to provide the best recommendations that science can support. Check him out on his blog

He is an avid runner and swimmer in his free time, and enjoys cooking/baking that breaks out of the fat-salt-sugar paradigm. His past research at Johns Hopkins Medical School has looked at the effects of maternal nutrition on offspring gene expression and methylation; his current research looks at the evolution of apolipoprotein variants and breast milk/formula composition.

Kevin enjoys his role at and enjoys the dynamic that he and Zach have, allowing them both to feed off each other’s unique strengths. If you would like to contact Kevin, please do so through his email,

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