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Asian Lettuce Wraps

August 15, 2012, 11:28 pm
Preparation Time: approximately 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 10-15 minutes

Serving Size: 4 wraps


4 each leaves, Boston Bibb lettuce (you may use another lettuce of your choice), washed

2 each chicken breasts, diced into ½" cubes

1 TB garlic, chopped

¼ each green bell pepper, julienne

¼ each red bell pepper, julienne

½ cup yellow onion, small diced

½ cup button mushrooms, sliced

1 TB ginger, minced (or 2 tsp. dried ginger powder)

2 tsp. red pepper flakes

2 tsp. salt

2 TB canola oil

1 TB sesame oil

1 TB soy sauce, low sodium

2 sprigs cilantro, cleaned and dried

½ cup almonds, sliced, toasted

¼ cup peanut sauce, prepared (RECOMMENDED: Wegmans Thai Peanut Sauce)


Heat skillet with half the canola oil over medium heat. Sauté chicken, stirring often, until browned on all sides. Add soy sauce, red pepper flakes, 1 tsp. salt and cook thoroughly until internal temperature of 150 degrees is reached.

Meanwhile, heat a second skillet with the other half of the canola oil over medium-high heat. Add onions and ginger and sauté until softened. Add bell peppers and mushrooms and cook until softer than al dente. Add 1 tsp. salt and sesame oil, tossing to coat thoroughly.

Storage and Turn-out

Place open lettuce leaf and stuff with ¼ chicken mixture. Top with ¼ vegetable mixture and 1 TB peanut sauce. Garnish with almonds and cilantro sprig. Enjoy!

Store almonds at room temperature whereas chicken and vegetable mixtures can be stored under refrigeration for no more than 3 days.

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